5 Steps To Creating The Perfect Thank You Page For Your Website

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5 Steps To Creating The Perfect Thank You Page For Your Website

People enjoy it when others appreciate them. This little fact has resulted in a lot of companies doing customer appreciation campaigns that have attracted record amounts of leads. In an online setting, a thank you page is a perfect example of showing appreciation to clients. Yet, despite the usefulness of this recognition, many companies simply overlook the inclusion of a thank you page, much to their detriment. Businesses need to let consumers know how much they value their business.

Perfect Thank You Page

In fact, a thank you page should form the core of a business’s post-conversion strategy. Customer engagement and satisfaction are crucial metrics here, and a well-designed thank you page might be able to sway a consumer to become a return customer. But what are the essential elements of a thank you page? What are the things that make this page stand out to a consumer and draw them in to buy from the company again?

These professionals from Ad Age Collective have experience with great customer service and offer their advice on the critical elements of a thank you page and how to incorporate them into a website design if companies want to retain happy customers.

1. Reflect the brand tone and respect the relationship.

There is never a more powerful moment in the customer life cycle than in the time when you get to show appreciation for their business. The thank you page (or any “thank you” moment) should reflect both the brand’s tonality, but also respect the relationship. Brands should recognize and customize a first-time purchase differently than extreme loyalty. – Reid Carr, Red Door Interactive

2. Personalize it to reflect each client’s experience.

A thank you page is often overlooked in the post-conversion strategy. But it can do as much harm as good if not done right. The page should be personalized, reflective of the consumer’s experience and ideally have a simple call to action to bring that person back. If the experience has been negative, give them a place to raise the issue. A misplaced “thank you” can be the last time you see them. – Maggie O’Neill, Peppercomm

3. Record a thank you video.

Many businesses struggle to build genuine relationships with their customers. An easy way to overcome this challenge is to record a thank you video as the company owner and place it on the thank you page. This works because it puts a face to a name, and it’s easier to build relationships with people. Also, it shows that you truly care about every customer, which separates you from the competition. – Maxwell Finn, Unicorn Innovations

4. Give them some value straight up.

Fatigue from filling out forms or signing a contract is no joke. When a customer completes this, it isn’t enough to merely say “thank you” — show how much they mean to your business by giving them some value. Chances are, if you’ve onboarded them, you know some of their business challenges. Give them a free e-book or tips for quick wins that could help them address some of those challenges now. – Patrick Ward, Rootstrap

5. Convey trustworthiness and likeability.

A creative way of saying “thank you,” gifting or following up has an art to it. While the best campaigns are managed by a large strategic campaign team, clients ultimately want to work with people they like and trust. Showing your thank you strategy is a good way of getting insight into how a potential client would feel when they become an actual client. – Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, Hawthorne Advertising

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