6 industry leaders share their ‘favorite’ forms of media and content platforms

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6 industry leaders share their ‘favorite’ forms of media and content platforms

Finding the right venue and method for sharing your marketing and message is an essential part of running a successful business. Whether it’s because of their industry, where their customers congregate or just their unique brand voice, a business leader will often home in on a “favorite” form of media or preferred content platform and become particularly adept at leveraging it to promote their organization.

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Once you’ve found the right medium, the next step is crafting and refining your message. Here, six members of Business Journals Leadership Trust share their preferred media formats and content platforms and talk about how they’ve successfully leveraged them to promote their business or brand.

1. Video
If I had to choose only one form of media, it would hands-down be video. Besides the higher rates of engagement and retention for viewers, I’ve seen the most results from video. YouTube has been a game-changer; it’s literally becoming another lead source because people are connecting with the videos we create. You have to meet people where they are, and your audience is watching videos — guaranteed. – Jennifer Wehner, The Wehner Group

2. LinkedIn
Our preferred medium for business-to-business marketing is LinkedIn. As a consulting firm, we leverage this platform to connect with influencers and high-level decision-makers. We create meaningful content that then sparks conversations and connections with industry experts.  – Jack Smith, Fortuna Business Management Consulting

3. Instagram
In a world of too much information, combined with people’s current habit of looking for bite-size bits of information to easily absorb, Instagram meets the needs of my business when it comes to providing small amounts of important information. Through Instagram, we can provide a quick look at a big idea along with a method for pursuing further understanding for those who want to delve deeper (for example, by posting a quote backed by an article). – Kimberly Janson, Janson Associates

4. Podcasting
Podcasting has been a firm favorite of mine for a while. Is it an ROI bonanza? No — at least, not in the “post a podcast and the phone will start ringing off the hook” sense. It has successfully elevated me to thought leader and expert status, which comes in handy on sales calls, in presentations and in closing a tough contract. Creating instant trust with your audience is invaluable. – Christopher Tompkins, The Go! Agency

5. Email articles and newsletters
Each channel has a unique brand to it. While Facebook and Instagram are good for more casual interactions and updates, LinkedIn and other platforms provide the opportunity for thought leadership. Also, publishing routine email newsletters and articles helps keep your personal and business brand top of mind among followers. – Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, Hawthorne Advertising

6. A well-rounded ecosystem
My answer would be all of it! Posting on social media doesn’t really work in a vacuum; it has to be part of an ecosystem, including earned media (thought-leader commentary on your sector or a vertical your company supports), blogging, podcasts and so on. And adding some paid marketing — such as LinkedIn targeted content, Google ad words and so on — doesn’t hurt. – Jen Vargas, JVComms

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