Data makes

us all smarter.


We’ve been measuring and attributing audience response to media and creative since we founded the performance marketing space nearly 35 years ago.

Your business is unique. Your dedicated data science team at Hawthorne Advertising builds unique attribution models to align with and measure your signals of success – and we give you new ones to consider.



Our proprietary tech platform and advanced suite of analytics and attribution tools transforms millions of data points into clear outputs and actionable insights to maximize your ROI.

Web, TV, Social, & Radio

  • Attributing web response from all media platforms to the right media source through proprietary technology and proven methodology
  • Integrating impulse visit and conversion funnel tail response measurement based on proven scaling factors of all media channels
  • Optimizing attributed response with actionable insights across all channels

Media test score & modeling

  • Building media efficiency around operational KPI’s and CPM/CPL/Funnel Acquisition Metrics
  • Creating an exclusive, predictive and statistical approach to web attribution analytics
  • Utilizing intelligence gleaned from proprietary technology of media trends and buying behaviors


  • Pinpointing the best markets to invest in drive-to-retail campaigns
  • Selecting the right test and control markets based on retailer
    penetration when launching a product into retail
  • Identifying the sales per rating point in a market based on media reach and frequency, type of programming and day of the week responsiveness to inform national expansion
  • Democratizing data to help clients gauge new campaign performance and target the most effective media optimization strategies with nearly 100% accuracy


  • Tracking the consumer path to conversion across all screens and devices used by the target demographic, from mobile to desktop to TV
  • Measuring the fractional response and weighted conversions that each individual media channel is driving
  • Optimizing the media allocation between channels and platforms to maximize reach, consumer response and ROI per advertising dollar