From aspiration to urgency: a guide to winning home improvement projects

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From aspiration to urgency: a guide to winning home improvement projects

By Christian Jones, SVP, Marketing & Client Development, Hawthorne Advertising

In a sector where precision is key, your marketing strategy must be as meticulous and methodical as the assignments you aim to secure. The dynamics of the home improvement and renovation sector are changing; the once reliable seasonal surge in remodel plans has shifted into a complex and dynamic array of homeowner needs, desires and unexpected repair demands. The question is: how can your brand capitalize on the consumer mindset for both planned and unplanned urgent projects that arise?

Considerations – and the Consideration Set

Scheduled projects have historically been the cornerstone of the home renovation market. Kitchen redesigns, bathroom revamps, and flooring alterations have always been the vision-driven ventures homeowners fantasize about. For brands to triumph in this sector, their marketing initiatives must align not only with the homeowner’s timeline but also with their personal dreams of an enhanced lifestyle.

Homeowners usually kick-start their planning with the commencement of the New Year, and crucial decisions on contractors and materials are made throughout the second and third quarters. This is the low hanging fruit of the buyer’s market, but how do you land your brand in their consideration set?

Messaging that Resonates with the Homeowner’s Vision

When it comes to persuading homeowners to choose you to make their vision a reality, the key is tapping into their aspirational mindset. A kitchen or bath remodel, or a bedroom set with custom cabinetry conjures visions of grandeur in customers. The aspirational aspect of what could be drives the decision-making. While you may be tempted to focus on only features and benefits in your messaging to speak to the rational mindset, you must also make an emotional connection to the vision and dream state of your potential customers.

In a recent study, 86% of consumers stated they have an increased sense of enjoyment when they are at home after a full kitchen renovation. This is not just about new counters and hardware, it’s about creating a state of happiness, enjoyment and fulfillment.

The message for scheduled projects is clear: engage consumers during their “dream” state with creative messaging that connects with their personal vision for their home and themselves.

Unplanned Projects: The Unexpected Need for a Dependable Response

Unplanned projects emerge when urgent repairs become an immediate necessity for the homeowner. For brands looking to capitalize on these projects, the strategy shifts towards maintaining visibility and being prepared to respond immediately.

With inflation and insurance costs on the rise, 43% of homeowners are postponing repairs and improvements, often waiting until it escalates into a crisis. The winter pipe burst, or the summer HVAC failure, creates a scenario of immediate needs and in seeking a solution, the brain defaults to familiar brands that the consumer can recall easily.

Being There: Maintaining Top-of-Mind Awareness

Investing efficiently in upper funnel, awareness-promoting activities might appear nebulous, but it’s the unseen safety net that will catch the distressed homeowner before they become a client to someone else. This is about brand awareness and recall – your brand name needs to be the one remembered – and called upon during a crisis.

For unplanned projects, maintain stored awareness by investing in efficient upper funnel brand impressions. While this may be more difficult to attribute to CPLs or CPAs, it is necessary in order to effectively harvest the lower funnel demand for unplanned, urgently needed improvement projects.

A Balanced Strategy for Maximum Impact

Navigating the nuances of the motivations that drive renovation and improvement projects is both a science and an art. Audience segmentation, creative messaging, analytics, seasonality, and strategic media activations are your tools. By understanding the unique dynamics of each project type, your brand can resonate at every stage of the homeowner’s unpredictable yet entirely deliberate journey towards a better home.

Now, it’s time to dig deeper and create strategies that factor in the diverse motivations and triggers that drive homeowner response. From creative that taps into the aspirational mindset of a renovation to the strategic placement of your logo or message to maintain cost-effective awareness, each component must be designed with precision to capture your consumer’s imagination – and their business.

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