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Hawthorne Sweeps Up 30 Awards In 2018 Honoring Its Creative Work

The prizes include the Telly Awards, Hermes Creative Awards, ASTRID Awards and Communicator Awards

LOS ANGELES, June 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Hawthorne, a creative, analytics and technology-driven advertising agency, today announced that it has won 30 creative awards thus far in 2018. The awards—granted by four different organizations and recognizing 16 different Hawthorne campaigns—highlight the high-quality, results-driven work that the agency consistently creates for its clients.

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Hawthorne combines persuasive brand messaging with best-in-class analytic systems to consistently create effective, accountable, high-performance advertising and communications for its clients. It has a long legacy of ad industry leadership as a visionary. The agency is a recognized champion of accountable advertising in all electronic media channels, garnering billions in sales, and with this latest slate of honors, has won more than 480 creative awards for its extensive list of Fortune 500 clients.

“We are so proud of the work we do at Hawthorne and these awards are just further proof that our approach of combining the art of right-brain creativity with the science of left-brain data analytics and neuroscience is making waves and achieving results,” said CEO and owner Jessica Hawthorne-Castro.

Telly Awards
This year, Hawthorne received a grand total of 7 Telly Awards, which honor the best in TV and cable, digital and streaming, and non-broadcast productions.

  • Silver: Campaign-Campaign- Business to Consumer for Regional TV
    • HomeAdvisor “Persona” TV Ad Campaign
  • Bronze: General-Products & Services for Social Video
    • thredUP “Obsessed” Instagram Social Video
  • Bronze: General- Miscellaneous for Regional TV
    • L’Oréal “Elvive Protein Recharge” TV Ad
  • Bronze: Campaign-Campaign- Business to Consumer for Regional TV
    • Gemmy Industries “Points of Light” Campaign
    • Credit One “Too Much Information” Campaign
    • thredUP “Influencer” Campaign
    • Angie’s List “Chalkboard” Campaign

Hermes Creative Award
The Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional materials, marketing and communication programs, and emerging technologies. In 2018, Hawthorne received eleven Hermes Creative Awards.

  • Platinum: Video- TV Ad Campaign
    • HomeAdvisor “With HomeAdvisor” Campaign
    • Angie’s List “Chalkboard” Campaign
  • Platinum: TV Single Ad
    • L’Oréal “Elvive Protein Recharge”
  • Gold: Microsite – Business to Consumer
    • Gemmy Industries “Points of Light” Microsite
  • Gold: TV Single Ad
    • Craftsy Confession of a Creator”
    • L’Oréal “Revitalift” TV Single Ad
  • Gold: Integrated Social Media Campaign
    • thredUP “Influencer”
  • Gold: TV Ad Campaign
    • Spectrum Small Business “Good For Business”
  • Honorable Mention: TV Single Ad
    • Gerber Life “Thank You”
  • Honorable Mention: Social Media Ad
    • thredUP “Obsessed” Instagram
  • Honorable Mention: Internet Radio
    • Spectrum Business “Good for Business”

The ASTRID Awards were established to celebrate and reward the best in international design communications and originality in design. The ASTRID Award symbolizes the stellar qualities of creativity, craft, innovation and originality in design. Winners become members of the ASTRID Awards elite — the most successful and influential creators of design communications in the world. Hawthorne received four ASTRID Awards this year.

  • Gold: Advertisements: Campaign
    • Angie’s List “Chalkboard” Campaign
  • Gold: Websites: Microsite
    • Gemmy Industries “Points of Light” Dual Screen Microsite
  • Honors: Advertisements: Campaign
    • HomeAdvisor “With HomeAdvisor” Campaign
  • Bronze: Advertisements: Single Ad
    • Craftsy “Confessions of a Creator” Campaign

Communicator Award
The Communicator Awards, presented by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, is the leading international creative awards program honoring creative excellence for communication professionals. Hawthorne won eight Communicator Awards.

  • Excellence: Integrated Campaign- Business to Consumer
    • Gemmy Industries “Points of Light” campaign
  • Excellence: TV Single Ad
    • Craftsy “Confessions of a Creator”
    • Indochino “No Man”
  • Excellence: TV Ad Campaign
    • HomeAdvisor “With HomeAdvisor” campaign
    • Credit One “Too Much Information” campaign
  • Distinction: TV Single Ad
    • Angie’s List “Converts”
  • Distinction: TV Single Ad- Financial Services
    • “Gerber Life “Thank You”
  • Distinction: TV Ad Campaign
    • thredUp TV campaign

This long list of awards is a testament to Hawthorne’s continued creativity, innovation and commitment to delivering the best possible work to its clients. In addition to awards honoring the agency’s creativity, Hawthorne was also named a Great Place to Work® in 2017 and Hawthorne-Castro has won numerous awards including “Woman of Influence” by Biz Women; “40 Under 40” by DMN; and “Female CEO of the Year in Advertising & Marketing” by CEO World Awards.

About Hawthorne:
Hawthorne, a creative, analytics and technology-driven advertising agency, specializes in strategic planning, creative development, production, media planning, buying and analytics, and campaign management for integrated marketing campaigns. With nearly 30 years of proven excellence, the agency combines persuasive brand messaging with best-in-class analytic systems to create accountable, high performance advertising campaigns. Hawthorne helps brands efficiently target their consumers, improve cost per acquisition, optimize the lifetime value of a brand’s customers and even drive consumer response to key retail outlets or corporate locations.

As a leading analytic and data driven, accountable brand advertising agency, Hawthorne specializes in integrated campaign solutions. The company offers a full suite of integrated solutions with creative, media, digital and mobile services. Hawthorne maintains brand integrity and metrics to efficiently and effectively optimize the results of its clients’ integrated media budgets via leading edge and proven data analytics. Hawthorne has developed successful award-winning campaigns for countless Fortune 500 brands. Please visit www.hawthornedirect.com and http://www.linkedin.com/company/hawthorne-direct for more information.

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