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Hawthorne’s Media and Media Operations Teams Contribute to Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation

  • Pictured with check (left to right):  Dawn Hauck, Noah’s Ark Director and Jordan Veatch, Hawthorne
  • Pictured with dog (left to right):  Cooper the Dog, recently adopted and Jordan Veatch, Hawthorne
  • Pictured with group (left to right): Brandy Septer, Jordan Veatch, Mandy Wagler and Sheryl Bergren


Hawthorne’s Media and Media Operations Teams Contribute to Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation 

Hawthorne’s Media and Media Operations teams recently contributed to Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation.  Hawthorne’s CEO, Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, said, “I encourage all employees to volunteer their time and talents.  As part of employment at Hawthorne, all staffers are given a day for service-oriented donation, with pay from Hawthorne.”

Recently Hawthorne-Castro granted the Hawthorne Fairfield Media and Media Operations teams with team building hours to be donated to their charitable organization of choice.  The media and media operations teams selected Noah’s Ark.  The groups not only volunteered time at Noah’s Ark, but also collected pet food, toys and other pet products from Hawthorne employees and community members, while contributing over $200 with funds primarily from the Hawthorne Community Causes Committee initiative, to be donated to the organization.

Jordan Veatch of Hawthorne’s media team said, “It was a humbling experience.  I think it is incredible that our CEO, Jessica, made this possible and that our teams were able to spend time working together, giving back to such a selfless organization, Noah’s Ark.  I loved working with the animals and wanted to adopt Cooper, a German Shepherd mix, but was happy to learn he found his forever family the following week.  I’d encourage others to volunteer as well.”

Following the time spent at Noah’s Ark, the following was posted by Noah’s Ark on their Facebook page, “A big shout of thanks to Hawthorne Direct for collecting donations for the shelter! Jordan collected toys, treats, food, towels and funds! And we had four great volunteers at the shelter for a couple of hours this afternoon making dog treats and scooping poo in the play yard! You guys are pawsitively awesome!!!!”

About Hawthorne Community Causes Committee (HCCC):

The Hawthorne Community Causes Committee (HCCC) is part of Hawthorne’s larger Corporate Social Responsibility program which makes monthly contributions to the Fairfield community as one of its initiatives.  The committee was inspired by founder Tim Hawthorne’s dedication to the local community over the past few decades and made possible by the continued generosity of Jessica Hawthorne-Castro.

The HCCC is responsible for the usage of the agency’s monthly allocated community charitable contributions and selections. Those interested in having their community- related needs considered for contributions may email Hawthorne at mailto:dbanks@hawthornedirect.com

About Hawthorne Direct:

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