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At Hawthorne, we strategically align our media planning with your creative.

Hawthorne Advertising’s team of tenured, experienced media strategists, planners and buyers utilize proprietary data sets and tools to model the most effective channels to reach your audience with a combination of brand and performance media.

We matrix and test spots, lengths and CTAs across channels to pinpoint top performers and build smart, strategic media efficiency.

We’re fast. Leveraging three decades of exclusive data, we can optimize media faster than anyone in the industry by sensing early, hidden response signals to build predictive performance models and eliminate wasted spend.

Our Promise

We will be accountable for every media investment with the flexibility to optimize quickly to meet critical sales and brand metrics.

Fiercely Independent: 

Hawthorne Advertising does not answer to a global, parent holding company that requires in-network buys. We are fiercely independent – and we answer to you. The result is flexible, accountable media buying for you, not a holding company.