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11 Ways to Measure ROI

11 Ways to Measure Your Marketing ROI

Sometimes, marketing efforts feel like day after day of trial and error in an economy that’s constantly evolving. Technology is changing, social media sites rise and fall, and “hot trends” that work for one business might not be suitable for another.

In House Transparency

In-House Transparency: 13 Pros And Cons Of Full Disclosure

We’re all aware of the importance of transparency in marketing, especially when targeting younger demographics. People want to align not only with your company’s brand, but also your ethos and mission. Lately, the conversation about transparency has turned inward, with some agencies giving their team members full disclosure of the company’s financial well-being, such as revenue, profit and loss, and so on.

Forbes Agency Council

13 Things To Consider When Investing In A Digital Media Platform

Original Publication: Forbes Date Published: January 4, 2019 Bloomberg recently reported that Snapchat is experiencing a steady decline in daily users, and its situation isn’t expected to improve any time soon. While Snapchat is certainly far from “dead” – there are still 186 million active daily users, according to Statista — many brands may opt to …

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