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Hawthorne Proprietary Tech Stack & Consulting Services

Hawthorne offers an array of consultative services to our brand partners by leveraging our proprietary technologies. Our data science, business intelligence and media teams consult with brand partners to identify KPIs and goals, and we configure bespoke attribution and analytics solutions to achieve those goals. An overview of our tech stack and the consultative applications of each are below.

PureStat Consulting Services

Our PureStat consulting services include use of a proprietary technology that quickly measures and attributes consumer response above baseline across all media channels via a time series decay model.

PureStat consulting services:

  • Tracks traffic and conversions from linear media in specific geographic radius 
  • Identifies attribution correlation across online and offline responses
  • Captures activity within minutes of airing via proprietary response curve model
  • Forecasts campaign fatigue via performance signals to ensure proactive campaign planning
  • Measures impact of each media channel on screen-based conversions.
  • Provides direction on campaign optimization with actionable insights across all channels

MRPI: Market Retail Penetration Index

A proprietary tool and methodology that:

  • Pinpoints the best markets to invest in drive-to-retail campaigns
  • Selects the right test and control markets based on retailer penetration when launching a product into retail 
  • Identifies the sales per rating point in a market based on media reach and frequency, type of programming and day of the week responsiveness to inform national expansion
  • Predicts expected lift in retail product sales for national deployment.
  • Democratizes data to help clients gauge new campaign performance and target the most effective media optimization strategies with nearly 100% accuracy 

MTSM: Media Test Scoring Model

A proprietary media intelligence platform for evaluating media options in planning and optimization stages.

  • Identifies optimal media investment, based on customizable campaign parameters
  • Ingests and correlates multiple 1st, 2nd  and 3rd party data sources
  • Builds media efficiency around operational KPI’s and CPM/CPL/Funnel Acquisition Metrics 
  • Creates an exclusive, predictive and statistical approach to web attribution analytics 
  • Utilizes  intelligence gleaned from proprietary technology of media trends and buying behaviors 

Hawthorne Impressions Tracker

A proprietary media tracking tool that provides:

  • Granular, time series tracking of hourly impressions across all national TV networks 
  • Heatmap functionality that captures and displays trends YoY, QoQ, MoM, and WoW. 
  • Actionable data reporting to inform media optimization and negotiation
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