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Los Angeles Times Case Study


Expanding into new channels and leveraging Amazon DSP to boost DTC subscriptions.

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The Situation

Hawthorne Advertising, in conjunction with the Los Angeles Times subscription marketing team, had been asked to identify new media channels in the Los Angeles DMA with which to reach key audiences in non-duplicative media environments. Efficient costs per subscription start are of paramount importance while expanding this storied brand’s presence in their key market.

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Hawthorne's Solution

As part of our testing plan, we launched an 8-week acquisition campaign trial via Amazon DSP to reach new audiences in discrete digital media inventory. We recognized the power of this platform beyond the Amazon endemic ecosystem (products sold via Amazon) to leverage the unique first-party data and media inventory to reach new audiences with minimal overlap for our existing programmatic media campaigns.

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the results

  • Cost per Acquisition was 72% better than goal projections
  • Performance bested the other media channel averages (programmatic, search, social) for this period by 51%
  • Minimal media duplication across programmatic inventory when looking beyond Amazon O&O
  • Recruit and shoot testimonials of both patients and family members to create :60, :30 and :15 spots for TV and digital video.
  • Create a TV and digital media plan based on interests and behaviors and then retarget non-converting website visitors.

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