Could You Benefit From Hiring An Agency? Questions To Ask Yourself

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Could You Benefit From Hiring An Agency? Questions To Ask Yourself

Now, more than ever, many companies can benefit from having expert marketers by their sides. With the current economic crisis stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, marketers’ awareness of the constant shifts within the dynamic media environment can help companies weather the storm. But is your in-house marketing team enough? Could your company benefit from outside help?

Hire an Agency

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering which route may be best for you.

• What are my goals, and could an agency help me reach these goals? First, determine what exactly you want to accomplish. Then, take a look at your in-house staff, and ask yourself whether they have the experience and expertise you need. Many agencies have employees who are well-established in the field and have a strong overall view of the media environment that can help you reach your business goals. Agencies also can draw on their past experiences and the results of other clients’ campaigns to inform their strategy and decision making.

• What are my workload needs? Do you have a particularly large project that will require extra time, attention and resources? Does your company require additional support to help you survive the current crisis? Agencies and outside resources can lighten your workload and free up staff members to handle other important business operations during this unprecedented time. They can manage your advertising spending and navigate the media environment while you focus on the critical parts of your business.

• Do I need expertise in a particular area? Advertising agencies offer a wide array of expertise, which can be critical in a landscape as complex as the one that brands face today. According to Smart Insights, there are over 120 content delivery and marketing channels that marketers have to manage today. Many agencies have teams dedicated to distinct areas, such as branding, data analytics and social media marketing. Given how fast the media environment changes today, working with specialized teams can help you stay on the cutting edge.

• Do I need flexibility? Do you need to be able to scale up or down based on demand? If you are unable to quickly change your messaging or creative in-house, an outside resource can help you do so. Midsize agencies, in particular, can pivot a campaign quickly — in hours, as opposed to in days, weeks or even months. Many also have the bandwidth for testing to determine what approaches are likely to be the most effective, and they can constantly adjust to optimize your return on investment.

• Do I need help with appropriate messaging? Especially now, being acutely aware of what messaging is appropriate is a primary concern for companies. An agency — particularly one that specializes in crisis communications — can help ensure that your messages take public health and safety concerns into account.

• Do I need a fresh perspective? Could you benefit from getting an outside opinion? While you live and breathe your brand, sometimes you may find it hard to extract yourself from it and view it as an outsider would. In such cases, agencies can provide this valuable outside perspective and suggest new angles and strategies you may not have considered.

Determine The Best Path Forward For Your Company

Especially in today’s economic climate, companies must consider what route is right for them, whether it’s finding an agency partner or hiring additional in-house marketing staff. Stay safe and well, and we will all get through this together.

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