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Hawthorne Sweeps Up 30 Creative Awards In Second Half Of 2017

The prizes include the w3 Awards, Davey Awards, Aurora Awards, dotCOMM Awards, and Galaxy Awards.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Hawthorne, a creative, analytics and technology-driven advertising agency, today announced it has won 30 creative awards in the second half of 2017, bringing its total to 59 so far this year, including 27 digital content awards. The awards, granted by five different organizations, recognized 13 campaigns across multiple categories and clients, highlighting the consistent high-quality and breadth of Hawthorne’s work.

Grounded in attribution and return-on-investment metrics, Hawthorne is a full-service, technology-based advertising agency that uses powerful visual and verbal storytelling to drive consumer response across all screens. Its legacy of The Art of Brand, The Science of Response ©, combines persuasive brand messaging with proprietary analytic systems to create and deliver highly accountable and hugely successful integrated advertising campaigns. The agency applies an analytic video-centric marketing approach and data-driven technology to help brands grow through acquisition, retention and brand awareness.

With every campaign, Hawthorne strives to create emotional attachments between brands, consumers, and products. Receiving 30 creative awards in the past six months alone reflects Hawthorne’s innovative vision, as well as the agency’s commitment to its clients.

“Winning close to 60 awards so far this year is an incredible honor,” said CEO and owner Jessica Hawthorne-Castro. “It further affirms that our approach at Hawthorne is resonating, not only with clients and their audiences, but with industry leaders as well.”

W3 Awards
Hawthorne received 2 W3 Awards, which honor websites, online advertising & marketing, mobile sites/apps, video, and social.

  • Silver: General Marketing Categories-Website/Microsite for Marketing
    • “Points of Light” Microsite for Gemmy
  • Silver: General Website Categories-Self Promotion for Websites
    • Company website—Hawthorne

Davey Awards
The Davey Awards honor the best in Web, Design, Video, Advertising, Mobile & Social from small agencies worldwide. This year, Hawthorne racked up 9 Davey Awards.

  • Gold: Commercial – Consumer Products/ Services for Commercials
    • “PULSE” TV Commercial for Sengled
    • “Points of Light” TV Commercial for Gemmy
  • Gold: Campaign Categories – Commercial Campaign for Commercials
    • “Standing Ovation” TV Campaign for VARIDESK
  • Gold: Integrated Campaign – Business to Consumer for Integrated Campaign
    • “PULSE” Integrated TV+Digital Campaign
  • Silver: Commercial – Consumer Products/ Services for Commercials
    • “Portable + Affordable” TV Commercial for BLACK+DECKER
  • Silver: Campaign Categories – Commercial Campaign for Commercials
    • “Chorus Line,” “Earnest,” “Busy Mom,” TV Campaign for HomeAdvisor
  • Silver: Integrated Campaign – Business to Consumer for Integrated Campaign
    • “Standing Ovation” Integrated TV+Digital Campaign for VARIDESK
  • Silver: Campaign Categories – Online Video Series – Other for Online Film/Video
    • “2IN1” Online Video Campaign for BLACK+DECKER
    • “Standing Ovation” Online Video Campaign for VARIDESK

Aurora Awards
The Aurora Awards recognize excellence in film and video. In 2017, Hawthorne received 6 Aurora Awards.

  • Platinum Best of Show: Commercial: Household Products
    • “Chorus Line” TV Ad for HomeAdvisor
  • Platinum Best of Show: Commercial: Health Care Products
    • “Always Know” Digital Ad for Dexcom
  • Platinum Best of Show: Commercial: Corporate Promotion/Image
    • “Portable + Affordable” TV Ad for BLACK+DECKER
  • Platinum Best of Show: Commercial: Financial
    • “Everywhere You Can’t Be” Digital Ad for Equifax
  • Platinum Best of Show: Commercials: Ad Campaign
    • “Standing Ovation” TV Ad campaign for VARIDESK
  • Gold: Commercial: Furniture/Home Decor
    • “Points of Light” TV ad for Gemmy

dotCOMM Awards
This year, Hawthorne won 10 dotCOMM awards, which honor excellence in web creativity and digital communication.

  • Platinum: Video Ad Campaign for the Web
    • “Standing Ovation” Campaign for VARIDESK
  • Platinum: Display Advertising B-to-C
    • “2IN1” Banner Ad for BLACK+DECKER
  • Platinum: Short Form Video for the Web
    • “Everywhere You Can’t Be” for Equifax
  • Platinum: Microsites
    • “QuicKit” for Broan-NuTone
  • Gold: Short Form Video for the Web
    • “Obsessed” for thredUP
    • “Always Know” for Dexcom
  • Gold: Microsites
    • “Points of Light” for Gemmy
  • Honorable Mention: Microsites
    • PULSE for Sengled
    • Dyson Ball” for Dyson
  • Honorable Mention: Short Form Video for the Web
    • “Grown Ups” for Equifax

Galaxy Award
Hawthorne received 3 Galaxy Awards, which serve as an international competition for product and service marketing. They are presented by MerComm, the world’s only independent awards organization dedicated to defining standards of excellence in the communications fields.

  • Silver: Advertising: TV Ad—Single
    • “Portable + Affordable” TV Ad
  • Bronze: Advertising: Multi-Media Campaign
    • “Always Know” Integrated Campaign for Dexcom
  • Honors: Advertising: Multi-Media Campaign
    • “Standing Ovation” Integrated Campaign for VARIDESK

This long roster of awards reflects Hawthorne’s continued creativity, innovation and commitment to delivering the best possible work to its clients. In addition to awards honoring the agency’s creativity, Hawthorne was also named a Great Place to Work® in 2017 and Hawthorne-Castro has won numerous awards including “Woman of Influence” by Biz Women; “40 Under 40” by DMN; and “Female CEO of the Year in Advertising & Marketing” by CEO World Awards.

About Hawthorne:
Hawthorne, a creative, analytics and technology-driven advertising agency, specializes in strategic planning, creative development, production, media planning, buying and analytics, and campaign management for integrated marketing campaigns. With nearly 30 years of proven excellence, the agency combines persuasive brand messaging with best-in-class analytic systems to create accountable, high performance advertising campaigns. Hawthorne helps brands efficiently target their consumers, improve cost per acquisition, optimize the lifetime value of a brand’s customers and even drive consumer response to key retail outlets or corporate locations.

As a leading analytic and data driven, accountable brand advertising agency, Hawthorne specializes in integrated campaign solutions. The company offers a full suite of integrated solutions with creative, media, digital and mobile services. Hawthorne maintains brand integrity and metrics to efficiently and effectively optimize the results of its clients’ integrated media budgets via leading edge and proven data analytics. Hawthorne has developed successful award-winning campaigns for countless Fortune 500 brands. Please visit www.hawthornedirect.com and http://www.linkedin.com/company/hawthorne-direct for more information.

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