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6 Exciting Publishing Trends Ad Professionals Want To See In 2020

It’s a new year and decade, and experts across all industries are waiting to see if their predictions for 2020 trends will come to fruition. The digital publishing landscape is no exception — professionals in advertising and media have a lot of ideas about what’s coming this year. What’s more, these predicted trends have the potential to leave a significant impact on marketers and content creators.

7 Strategies For Gaining Better Customer Data

A brand is a promise that a business makes to its customers. You can find this definition littered across the internet, but it doesn’t tell you exactly what that promise should be. Brand promises are crafted through their stories. Brand stories try to communicate the brand’s worth to consumers in a noninvasive way, which allows the potential buyer to connect and form a relationship with the brand. Today, many brands see the brand story as a way to humanize their corporate face so that consumers feel more comfortable with them.

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DRTV Lessons from Successful Brand Launches

By George Leon, Chief Strategy Officer – Hawthorne Original Publication: New Media and Marketing  Date of Publication: January 23, 2019 When it comes to capitalizing on direct response television (DRTV) advertising, some of the best advice comes from privately held startups valued at over $1 billion. That’s because they’ve seemingly mastered the use of TV advertising …

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How Agencies Can Help Prepare The Next Generation Of Data-Driven Marketers

By Jessica Hawthorne-Castro  Original Publication: AdExchanger Date of Publication: September 20, 2018 “Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, CEO at Hawthorne. The rise of data science has had a major impact on just about every …

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Increase Customer Engagement With Data-Driven Marketing

By Jessica Hawthorne-Castro (YPO Los Angeles) Original Publication: YPO.Org How companies are leveraging data to develop complete, multi-channel pictures of exactly what their customers think and want — and then fulfilling those needs. There isn’t a corner of the advertising world that hasn’t been touched by data-driven marketing, or the use of data to make …

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