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Chewy Case Study


Accelerating massive growth with strategic media in the pet care category.

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Chewy had established a premium and successful brand with 100% focus on digital channels. Based on digital learnings, Chewy knew it needed to expand its brand awareness significantly and quickly, while maintaining strong CPA metrics and driving higher Average Order Value and longer customer retention.

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Hawthorne's Solution

Hawthorne initiated consumer segmentation and competitive analytics to identify the most effective media weight to quickly achieve brand awareness lift. The campaign launched with nearly $1M in monthly spend across top-tier cable networks and key broadcast opportunities with efficient frequency to deliver strong reach. After a successful launch, continued optimization of direct response-focused cable networks eventually transformed into broadcast network allocations. Media allocation increased by 3x, expanding further into integrations, sponsorships, and greater brand awareness while improving Cost per Acquisition metrics.

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The Results

Within 2 months, Chewy’s TV performance matched its online CPA and customer retention had increased by 2.5x.

Chewy was purchased by PetSmart for $3.35B just 8 months after Hawthorne’s TV launch.

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