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Successfully introducing new, premium product lines in self-care category.

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The Situation

La Roche-Posay needed to introduce Anthelios sunscreen to the U.S. market and generate awareness and consideration within a crowded category, while also demonstrating its value for the higher price in order to boost both in-store and online sales.

La Roche-Posay needed to jump start stagnant sales for another product, Effaclar, in the U.S. by increasing brand awareness, growing direct-to-consumer sales and maximizing marketing return on investment.

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Hawthorne's Solution

For Anthelios, Hawthorne opted to create :120 and :60 spots that compellingly convey the brand’s scientific heritage and unique positioning as the #1 recommended dermatological brand in Europe and drive response to the landing page.

For Effaclar, Hawthorne opted to create :120 and :60 spots and a microsite to educate consumers on the product’s high quality and value.

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The Results

Hawthorne’s Anthelios creative substantially exceeded LRP’s retail and website sales conversion goals.

As a result of our calculated multi-device strategy, overall retail sales-per-store for Effaclar increased by 20%.

The brand response campaign generated a 30% incremental boost in revenue across the entire LRP product line and online lead-to-purchase conversion rose by 35%.

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