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SanDisk ibi

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Reframing tech product positioning to lift unit sales.

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The Situation

SanDisk | Western Digital was launching a new photo sharing product called ibi, in market. The goal of generating product awareness with the launch was accomplished with a heavy weight of media across TV, Digital and PR. However, the campaign was challenged on how to best describe the product to an audience overwhelmed with new technology solutions.​

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Hawthorne's Solution

Hawthorne conducted in-depth research and analysis to deliver a clear, unique message, that balanced product features and benefits with an emotional component – “It’s like a personal cloud for your photos and videos.” Additionally, Hawthorne revised the ibi campaign spots from the existing creative agency to promote the new messaging and drive unit sales.​

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The Results

The launch of the revised ibi creative during the holidays generated a 571% lift in units sold at retail and online. Additionally, CPV (Cost Per Visit) improved 231%. Overall, the ibi holiday campaign results achieved while spending only 1/3 of the allocated media budget, achieving 36% more impressions vs. goal.

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