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The Situation

Dyson's DC59 and DC40 “Animal” vacuums, designed especially for pet owners, competed with both general use and specific purpose models from other vacuum manufacturers. The brand was encountering aggressive competitive advertising claims that challenged the vacuums’ technical superiority and, consequently, their high price point.

Dyson needed to halt its declining market share brought about by competitor counter-claims and copycat advertising. The brand decided to employ television advertising as a new direct-to-consumer marketing channel.

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Hawthorne's Solution

  • Target pet owners who were willing to invest in a premium vacuum that would outperform and outlast less expensive, inferior models.
  • Create :120, :60 and :30 testimonial spots that resonated with the 35-54 pet owner audience.
  • Recommend both single and multiple payment options to incentivize new customers and maximize revenue generation.

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The Results

The :120 spot became the best-performing creative unit. The client reaped a 270% return on their marketing investment and achieved a 35% lift in sales when the product went to retail.

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