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Building a regional brand into the national category leader with creative and media

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The Situation

In 2018, LeafFilter, now a division of Leaf Home Solutions, became the nation’s largest gutter protection company operating 37 locations. Looking to continue the momentum, LeafFilter needed to expand their market presence, build a stronger national footprint, and achieve greater brand awareness to impact all channels and homeowner response.

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Hawthorne's Solution

Hawthorne developed LeafFilter’s first performance-driven TV and Digital Video campaign based on customer segmentation insights. Hawthorne’s media strategy, along with our award-winning creative and production, balanced reach and frequency on highly responsive, demo-targeted national networks to generate cost effective leads to LeafFilter.com and GetLeafFilter.com.

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The Results

The campaign completely surpassed the client’s expectations. In the first year, after just eight weeks, LeafFilter’s first national TV campaign generated over 160 million target audience impressions — 67% over its goal. In addition, sales goal targets for the year were achieved with spending only a third of the allocated media budget.

Since 2018, Hawthorne has been LeafFilter’s go-to partner to develop and oversee their campaign strategy, creative, and media buying. Our most recent ad spots contributed to a record 200% increase in total number of TV-attributed leads year-over-year (YOY), and a cost per lead (CPL) improvement of 13%. Today, LeafFilter is the #1 rated gutter protection service with over 1MM home installations, across 150+ office locations in the U.S. and Canada.

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More Creative


When LeafFilter started their journey with Hawthorne they were positioned as the quality maker and installer of an effective product. Early creative reflected this mindset with a heavy focus on the product’s features and benefits. Critically though, all early executions carefully laid the foundation for a lasting brand message that would make LeafFilter synonymous with Safety and Trust.


Gutters are not typically a passionate or emotional topic. But the safety of your home and loved ones, certainly is. Through testimonials, heart to heart interviews and the LeafFilter Founder himself, we helped consumers see LeafFilter as an integral part of their total well-being.

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