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How balanced is your 2023 marketing portfolio?

Marketers have been challenged over the past few years when it comes to creating annual marketing and media strategies, adapting to a changing media landscape and quickly addressing new consumer buying habits. Our SVP of Marketing & Client Development, Christian Jones, has some pro tips to keep top of mind whenever you undertake planning. Read the full article on Street Fight.

CPG and its New Direction: Emerging vs. Legacy Brands

The marketing efforts and strategies within the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry are evolving faster than ever. Nearly all aspects of the CPG category has changed, including the classifications, the way brands develop products and go-to-market strategies, and how consumers learn about and purchase the actual products. Our VP of Marketing, Karla Crawford Kerr provides some insights and pro tips to navigate the new landscape of CPG.

The Path of Today’s CPG Brands

Increased competition from niche brands has not only weakened traditional brand loyalty, but has also created a paradigm shift for how CPG brands do business. Our Director of Client Development, Cyndi McMaster, explores the challenges and opportunities for today’s marketers. Read the full article on Retail TouchPoints.

What marketers are missing about zero-party data

What is zero-party data? It’s a key that can unlock entirely new models for customer engagement, if marketers embrace it. It can also fulfill the promise of true personalization and build a foundation of loyalty and trust with your audience.
Our SVP of Marketing & Client Development, Christian Jones, examines how to leverage zero-party data to drive successful engagement. Read the full article on VentureBeat.