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Kevin’s Natural Foods

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Elevating retail sales and branded search with a targeted test & control market strategy.

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The Situation

Kevin’s Natural Foods offers fresh, refrigerated meals via retail grocery partners for busy, health-minded consumers.

The brand sought to increase brand awareness in a crowded marketplace and drive more customers to purchase at specific retail partners in select markets to evaluate further expansion.

Hawthorne Advertising’s unmatched expertise in strategic creative, efficient and cost-effective media buys, and insightful data analytics was a natural fit for Kevin’s ambitious goals.

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Hawthorne's Solution

The brand engaged Hawthorne to devise a compelling, creative campaign and media strategy in select markets that would resonate with target customers and implement new media channels, specifically TV and CTV, which Kevin’s had never utilized before.

Launching with a mix of 30 and 15 second spots, the creative campaign message focused on three key benefits: all natural ingredients, ease of preparation and consumer value. Our partnership initially was to identify and test one specific regional market. After showing a healthy sales lift, we then applied those learnings and expanded into six additional markets based on the distribution of Kevin’s products and the expansion of their retail partners. The six-week media flight included retail tagging tailored to each specific market. We also quickly identified the shorter length spots could carry the full story while allowing for greater reach and frequency.

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The Results

Hawthorne’s strategic solution yielded immediate brand search lift in all regional markets by an impressive 536% average. The campaign achieved an average 80% reach in target markets and a frequency goal of six. Retail sales climbed in all six test markets. The unique formula Hawthorne devised, capitalizing on reach and frequency, proved to be a highly successful recipe for the brand and would play an instrumental role in future expansion.

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