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Marketing Strategy

Exploring new media channels for your brand

As channels to reach target audience evolve, digital marketers need to keep options open and test into new social channels. Of equal importance is maintaining awareness of the mindset of consumers as they jump across networks and engage with different types of content and experiences. How does your brand fit in?

The crossover between brand and performance

How can you balance brand and performance to achieve full-funnel efficacy? Our SVP of Marketing & Client Development, Christian Jones, a recent guest on the podcast “Performance Delivered”, shares some pro tips on how brands can effectively navigate the brand/performance spectrum, along with some thoughts on personalization at scale with AI and how virtual goods can deliver IRL value for brands.

How balanced is your 2023 marketing portfolio?

Marketers have been challenged over the past few years when it comes to creating annual marketing and media strategies, adapting to a changing media landscape and quickly addressing new consumer buying habits. Our SVP of Marketing & Client Development, Christian Jones, has some pro tips to keep top of mind whenever you undertake planning. Read the full article on Street Fight.