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The customer base has changed, too, as is the way consumers select and buy products labeled by CPG brands and companies.

14 must-do activities for leadership groups in Q4

Question: What’s one of the 14 must-do activities for leadership groups in Q4? Answer: Dig into strategic planning for the…

15 ways to tackle a perfectionist mindset and get more done

Question: What's one way to tackle a perfectionist mindset and get more done? Answer: Make a detailed strategic plan.

Advertise in the Metaverse? It’s Complicated.

If the metaverse becomes a place where billions of real people interact and have expendable currencies, brands will leverage experiences…

Are You Using Social Media to Inspire Younger Buyers?

Social networks are the new search engines. How performance marketers can leverage this trend.

7 common social media faux pas committed by businesses (and what to do instead)

A social media slip-up can cause quick and lasting damage to a brand or business.

12 Ways To Capture Consumers’ Attention With A Back-To-School Campaign

From selling school supplies and college dorm furniture to promoting special deals on phones and travel, marketers work hard during…

How To Use Behavioral Targeting Without Third-Party Data

With rules about third-party cookies changing dramatically and a growing emphasis on user privacy, the entire game has shifted for marketers, who can no longer rely on data provided by outside companies that have no direct relationship with their target audience.

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