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Question: What’s one of the 9 strategies to help new business owners manage and allocate resources?
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Challenging macroeconomic times bring opportunities. Indeed, now is the best time to invest in your marketing efforts to deliver immediate and long-term competitive advantages. Our VP of Marketing Karla Crawford Kerr, has insights to help you make right decisions. Read the full article on MarTech Series.
Hawthorne's innovative work received honors from prestigious awards programs in 2022, including the Hermes Creative Awards, Vega Digital Awards, Telly Awards, dotCOMM Awards and more.
Question: What is one of the 10 alternative social platforms brands can leverage for marketing?
Question: What’s one of the 15 strategies for tactfully delivering bad news?
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Hawthorne has been a leader and pioneer in Brand Response Advertising and Direct Response Marketing for 35 years. 

Our rich history of measuring audience response and applying data-driven attribution and analytics to optimize campaigns provides us with an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience. Some of that experience is shared below in this Resources section.

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