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Advertising during the Super Bowl is designed to make a statement. Brands use those premium slots as an opportunity to make people laugh or cry, to take a political stance, but most of all, to make a lasting impression. At $5 million for a 30-second spot, Super Bowl ads aren’t cheap, and just as notable as the content can be which brands decide to shell out for ads at astronomical prices.
Advertising usually takes up a large percentage of companies’ budgets each year. To stay relevant, businesses cannot solely rely on what they’ve done in the past; they must also utilize up-and-coming platforms and strategies or risk getting lost in the shuffle. This new year is sure to be no exception, with new advertising tools and platforms trending throughout the year.
We’re all aware of the importance of transparency in marketing, especially when targeting younger demographics. People want to align not only with your company’s brand, but also your ethos and mission. Lately, the conversation about transparency has turned inward, with some agencies giving their team members full disclosure of the company’s financial well-being, such as revenue, profit and loss, and so on.
Marketing has always relied on tapping into the consumer’s subconscious — how they think, what they do, and why they make certain decisions. The ways of answering these questions, however, have grown more sophisticated over time thanks to advancements in science and technology.
By George Leon, Chief Strategy Officer – Hawthorne Original Publication: New Media and Marketing  Date of Publication: January 23, 2019 When it comes to capitalizing on direct response television (DRTV) advertising, some of the best advice comes from privately held startups valued at over $1 billion. That’s because they’ve seemingly mastered the use of TV advertising that directly engages consumers, from launch to growth. Successful brands like Experian, Dollar Shave Club and Peloton have used DRTV precisely because it is particularly effective for launching and building brands. They appreciate the fact that you can directly engage with consumers by displaying toll-free numbers and/or website URLs and asking them to take specific actions. They also like that DRTV works across all potential consumer touchpoints, is highly measurable, and makes good use of data. And DRTV seamlessly integrates with their entire portfolios of advertising and media channels, including digital, offline, mail, email,

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7 Steps to Advertising to the Emerging Gen Z Consumer

Generation Z, the post-Millennial group of digital natives born after 1997 who have an insatiable desire for instant gratification and personalization in all aspects of their lives, is arguably the most unique generation to come. Advertising to the emerging Gen Z consumer is both as challenging and simple as it has ever been, which is an oxymoron in itself. But it perhaps explains the complexity of this 32% of the global population, which is edging out Millennials. Before we get into methods for marketing to Gen Z, it’s important to understand who this generation is and the qualities that make them unique. Generation Z has never lived in a world without the web. The Internet has always existed for Gen Z; though it has evolved into an entire entity in the last decade or so, life without an online presence is but a vague and distant memory to them. In

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Hawthorne Direct was named a 2019 Bronze Award Winner for the Stevie® Awards for Great Employers

On September 20th Hawthorne Direct was named a 2019 Bronze Award Winner for the Stevie® Awards for Great Employers , recognizing the world’s best companies to work for. Stevie Award judges include many of the world’s most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators. More than 1,000 professionals worldwide participate in the Stevie Award judging process each year. According to one judge, “Hawthorne clearly has created an ideal formula for delivering success for its clients based on the company’s success and the many accolades they’ve secured. I liked how they highlighted in this submission, their priority to dedicate efforts to employee happiness and satisfaction, combined with charity and community efforts.” This is the third Stevie honor Hawthorne has received. CEO Jessica Hawthorne-Castro is a 2018 Bronze Award winner in both the “Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Woman of the Year – Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations” categories.

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14 Things To Remember When Creating ‘Explainer’ Videos

Videos are a common form of content these days, with “explainer” videos being particularly popular. While many of us like to think that it’s a piece of cake to create good video content, it’s just not that easy. Thought and planning need to go into explainer videos in order to make them most effective and to reach the right audience. So, when you’re getting ready to plan out your next explainer video, look to this list of things to remember from 14 Forbes Agency Council experts. 1. Follow Monroe’s Sequence Explainer videos seek to teach and motivate. Monroe’s motivated sequence provides a simple structure for the video. Open by gaining attention and reassure viewers by stating your purpose. Next, connect with the audience by identifying the need for the solution you’re about to show. Then, demonstrate the solution. Finally, close by visualizing the benefits, not the features, the solution offers.

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This advertising CEO uses neuroscience to sell you stuff | How I Made It

From the Los Angeles Times: August 11, 2019 Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, 40, is chairwoman and chief executive of Hawthorne Direct, an 85-employee advertising agency that uses “neuromarketing” to generate a stronger and quicker response from consumers. This year, Hawthorne-Castro was the winner in the transformational leader category of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards of Greater Los Angeles. Hawthorne Direct’s clients include Apple, Nissan, Spectrum Business, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and the U.S. Navy. Rocket science Marketers have always tried to tap into consumers’ subconscious, Hawthorne-Castro said, but her company uses neuroscience to enhance campaigns so that they are more likely to resonate with the audience and employs detailed analytics to measure what is working. “Neuroscience aims to go beyond figuring out what people want or like and dives into the underlying forces that shape consumer decision making,” Hawthorne-Castro said. For instance, she said, neuroscience explains that testimonials work

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11 Experts Share Top Impacts From AR And VR

AR and VR aren’t just for tech industries anymore. This technology is branching out into other sectors, so the impact of VR and AR will be widespread. Within the agency and marketing industries, there are many ways that this tech could be and is being used. Some ideas may be further off than others, but it’s a good idea to keep up with the potential and current trends. We’ve asked 11 experts from Forbes Agency Council to share the top impacts of VR and AR that they have seen or think they will see within the agency and marketing sectors. See what they have to say here. 1. Impact In Selling Experiences Marketing professionals have to be on the cutting edge of tech innovations in order to spot opportunities for their clients. AR and VR can make a big difference for businesses that sell experiences. Whether it’s a hotel, an

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